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February 2020 Cycle California! Magazine

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Proverbial Spins on the Good Life

By Rick Millikan

Imagine a Church of Earthly Redemption promoting self-propelled vehicles. As a godly helmeted and gaudy shirted vicar, visualize yours truly updating Book of Proverbs’ deadly sins providing pedal-ly spins.


Definitely evil! Exercise slothful bodies. Exorcise slobbish brains. Cycling generates mighty meditations. Ponder the Old Testament’s Ezekiel. He famously spotted the first alien bike-craft. This fiery wheel verily acted as a gyroscope navigating through space. A miracle of physics, the gyrating molecules of our bicycle wheels keep us similarly upright for wheelie fun adventures.

Tierra Bella Bicycle Tour April 25, 2020

Heart’s Delight: Along the Cycle California! Chocolate Trail

By Tracy Corral

Because we at Cycle California! like to connect good things, this month we bring bike riding and chocolate together as we roll along the Cycle California! Chocolate Trail. This pathway might not be a river of chocolate like Willy Wonka’s -- it’s more metaphoric than that.

While there are many chocolate producers in the Bay Area, we chose these because they are local, independent small-batch producers that make their chocolates the old-fashioned way. Most of them source their cacao from small farmers in Latin and South America, the ancient birthplace of chocolate.

But, nearly as important for the Cycle California! Chocolate Trail, some of these shops are located near actual bike paths or on bike routes, which makes an outing to your local chocolate shop a family-friendly event.

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Redding gets a Bike Hub!

This month, the city of Redding is breaking ground on a project that will include a bike depot, among other transit amenities. The project, Bell Plaza, will include secure bike parking, a bike share program and, potentially, will be a starting point for bike rides and trail tours.

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