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June 2020 Cycle California! Magazine

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Idaho Family Touring

By Dan Shryock

Here’s a way to take the family on a Tour of the Basque Country and never board an airplane.

This Basque Country is not the remote northern corner of Spain known to cycling fans for its week of racing each April. This is Boise, Idaho, a bastion of Basque culture and tradition in the Pacific Northwest.

Much like the Basque homeland, cycling is woven into the community fabric here. There are hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails in the nearby hills.

There’s the Boise Goathead Fest, a fun ride on cruiser bikes. There’s the Twilight Criterium, a professional race on an eight-block city street oval in front of the Idaho state capitol building.

And, for family rides there’s the Boise River Greenbelt, a network of paved trails linking the vibrant downtown area with Boise State University, neighborhoods and the countryside.

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Father's Day Gift

By Mick Klasson

I have a picture. The actual photograph is tucked away in an album on a shelf high in a closet, but the image is fixed in my mind. On a day so heavy with gray that the bellies of the clouds sag to the ground, my dad and I face the camera. We’re clad in faded green chamois shirts and jeans. We’re also sporting clunky Bell Tourlite helmets and big grins. Our grins are because we are together, of course, but they are also sparked by anticipation.

The anticipation involves the bicycles we hold upright at our sides. Twin black Schwinn High Sierras, each sporting 15 speeds, chromed bullmoose handlebars, and cantilever brakes pulled by thick and wide Diacompe brake levers that are only one step removed from the motorcycle levers they were modeled after. At the time, these bikes were solidly respectable specimens of the state-of-the-art production mountain bike.

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On the trail of... Good News!

While most of the mountain biking world sheltered in place, Marin Municipal Water District’s (MMWD) Board of Directors authorized $150,000 in funding to help launch construction of the Azalea Hill/Liberty Gulch trail project on April 7.

Bike Events in the Age of COVID-19

Well, October 2020 is shaping up to be a very busy bike event month as many events move from their Spring dates. All the better to leave time to get in bike riding shape!

We will add to this list as we hear of other event changes — check back frequently for updates.

Event Name Event Date Organizer/Contact
Alta Alpina Challenge Jun 27
Art of Survival Sep 5-6
Nevada City Classic Sep 6
America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride Sep 13
Bike Around the Buttes Sep 26
Tour de Lincoln Sep 27
OATBRAN Sep 27-Oct 3
Sea Otter Classic Oct 1-4
Sacramento Century Oct 3
Konocti Challenge Oct 3
Siskiyou Scenic Bike Tour Oct 3
Mount Diablo Challenge Oct 4
Huntsman World Senior Games Oct 5-17
3F Century Ride Oct 10
Strawberry Fields Oct 11 CyclistsforCulturalExchange
Devil's Slide Ride Oct 18
Mr. Frog's Wild Ride Oct 18
Tour de Cure (VIRTUAL) Oct 18 TourdeCure
Party Pardee Oct 24
Habitat Cycle of Hope Oct 25

Event Name 2021 Date Organizer/Contact
Cinderella Classic April 10
California Classic Weekend April 11
Primavera Century April 18
Tierra Bella April 24
Mendocino Monster June 1
Sequoia Century June 6
Ride the Rockies June 13-18
Death Ride July 17
Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge July 17
Pedal the Plains September 10-12
Golden Hills Century October 9

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