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October 2022 Cycle California! cover
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Crouched in his iconic tuck, Major Taylor whirls away from the competition.

November/December Cycle California!

Black Cyclone: Major Taylor

By Bob Marr

The year was 1896. The place was Madison Square Garden. An estimated 6,000 fans gathered to cheer the riders to the finish on the final day of a six-day bicycle race, a format much favored by spectators, especially on the final race day when the competitors would have been riding for over 5 days straight with little or no sleep.

Road Trips: Coastal Gran Fondo

By Dan Shryock

Road Trips is a continuing series featuring upcoming road cycling events in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

The morning air is cool as we straddle our bikes on the Laguna Seca Raceway track. The green light is about to glow, not for the start of a motorsport race but for a gran fondo to the Pacific Ocean and back.

The thought of riding on this famous tarmac seems comical.