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August 2020 Cycle California! Magazine

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Biking by Train

By Dan Shryock

I love trains. I love watching the countryside sweep past the window, the gentle rocking of the passenger cars as the wheels clickity-clack over the rails.

I spend far more hours on my bike than inside a rail car. Still, there are similarities. Both get me out of the city. There’s also the feeling of getting somewhere without a sense of urgency. I’ve often wondered how to incorporate train travel into a bicycle trip.

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Tips for Riding Amtrak

Recommended best practices from the Amtrak website: Don't arrive at the station too far in advance of boarding. Amtrak wants to keep crowds to a minimums — the recommendation is a half hour before departure or 60 minutes before if you need help with ticketing or baggage.

Keep your distance from others while you wait to board your train. It also requires passengers wear masks both at the station and onboard until they are seated alone or in a private room. Amtrak will deny service to people not wearing a mask.

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News: A Virtuous Circle

The realities of COVID-19 have hit bicycling events hard and the charities they support even harder. As bike clubs shut down their fundraising rides, charities that rely on that infusion of money are going wanting even as the need for their services grows.

In June, the Western Wheelers bike club voted to cancel their fundraiser, the Sequoia Century. Then, the group's board asked its membership and the pre-registered riders what should be done about the pre-registrations.

Upcoming Rides & Events

Well, October 2020 is shaping up to be a very busy bike event month as many have set up shop in the Fall. All the better to leave time to get in bike riding shape!

We will add to this list as we hear of other event changes — check back for updates.

Event Name Event Date Organizer/Contact
Tour of Napa Valley (VIRTUAL) Aug 14-16
Nevada City Classic Sep 6
Bear Growl Gravel Grinder (VIRTUAL) Sep 19
Tour de Lincoln Sep 27
OATBRAN Sep 27-Oct 3
Sea Otter Play Oct 1-20
Sacramento Century Oct 3
Siskiyou Scenic Bike Tour Oct 3
Huntsman World Senior Games Oct 5-17
3F Century Ride Oct 10
Strawberry Fields Oct 11 CyclistsforCulturalExchange
Devil's Slide Ride (VIRTUAL) Oct 17
Tour de Cure (VIRTUAL) Oct 18 TourdeCure
Habitat Cycle of Hope: Ride from Home (VIRTUAL) Oct 10-25

Event Name 2021 Date Organizer/Contact
Cinderella Classic April 10
California Classic Weekend April 11
Bike around the Buttes April 17
Primavera Century April 18
Tierra Bella April 24
Mendocino Monster June 1
Sequoia Century June 6
Ride the Rockies June 13-18
Death Ride July 17
Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge July 17
Pedal the Plains September 10-12
Golden Hills Century October 9

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