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November/December 2020 Cycle California! Magazine

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N to Z: Favorite Bay Area roads

By Bo Crane

Last month Bo Crane chronicled his favorite roads, alphabetically from A to M. This month, he continues from N to Z.

—The Editor

N: Niles Canyon Rd. is no one’s favorite due to fast cars and disappearing shoulders. 24 ½-mile long Nacimiento-Ferguson is said to be breath-taking but a little beyond the Bay Area. However, the East Bay’s North Gate Rd. is one of the longest unimpeded descents, dropping down 8 miles into the town of Walnut Creek from Mt. Diablo’s Summit-South Gate intersection.

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Venturing out: The San Francisco Bay Trail

By Tracy Corral

Despite COVID-19 being a worrisome development in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are always opportunities to get out on bikes with your family to experience the region’s outdoor treasures.

Of all the natural wonders of the San Francisco Bay Area, the bay itself is a standout. Ringed by rolling hills (and some populous cities), it is the largest estuary on the west coast of North America and offers so many opportunities for exploring by bike.

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In Bike Shorts: Election Mopup

Climate change was on voters’ minds in November when San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara Counties united to pass Measure RR, an initiative that provides financial relief for the oft-maligned and chronically underfunded Caltrain commuter train service between San Francisco and Gilroy. Measure RR proponents had to run simultaneous campaigns in all three counties — if the measure failed to reach a 66.66% yes vote in any one of the counties, the measure would fail.

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Golden Hills Century October 9

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