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March 2017 Cycle California!

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Centuries for Novices: A Roundup

By Randall Braun, Bo Crane, Dan Shryock, & Jennifer von Geldern

With the century season kicking into gear, we asked some of our expert rider/writers about what they would consider the best novice rides around the west. Our panel of experts included Jennifer von Geldern who rides extensively in that hotbed of bicycling, the Sacramento Valley, Bo Crane, who has retired from Death Riding (although, who knows how permanent that will be); Randall Braun, a longtime bike rider and current promoter of the Sequoia Century and Dan Shryock, who hails from and rides in the Great Pacific Northwest and the Willamette Valley.

All have thoughts on rides suitable for novices — here are their suggestions for the season’s upcoming rides. —Tracy Corral, Editor

Leadville Lottery

Training with a Plan

By Tracy Corral

Real life throws curve balls — it’s to be expected. When real life intruded into Jim Sell and Dave Gents’ lives in the form of a blood cancer diagnosis, priorities changed as they followed a road that included intense treatment and a long haul back to health and fitness.

Fitness trainer Ksue Duncan, while she had ridden the AIDs Ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, was looking to be involved in a different cause that would also do good for people. Sell, Gent, and Duncan came together as a part of Team in Training, a program through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that helps people raise money for the organization, but also gets them out, active, and having a good time while they are getting fit.

Tierra Bella

Riding Spain: Mediterrean to the Atlantic

By Martha Kendall

As we rolled our just-assembled bikes out of the lobby to begin our 6-week adventure, the hotel clerk told us, "Drivers around here are used to cyclists. Have fun!" She was right about the drivers, and we had mega fun.

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Ride that first Century

By Bo Crane

One winter morning you decide that this is the year for your first Century ride, the target being 100, whether kilometers or miles. A 100K is definitely a good start but 100 miles is where it’s at this side of Europe.

If it's a 200K (124 miles), now we’re talking. However, this article is about a good ol' 100 miler ridden for the first time.

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