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Bike Buzz: Business is booming!

By Rick Millikan

Studies confirm the obvious: most businesses benefit from consumers riding bicycles. Understanding the trend, gas stations now stock a new type of fuel. Cyclists readily buy their Powerade to keep up their electrolytes. Sometimes my fuel is coffee and a muffin, so I also stop at some coffee haven. Al fresco bistros have the most appeal -- here in fine camaraderie; bicycle friends quench thirsts and feast satisfying their hearty appetites. These outdoor eateries allow us to keep an eye on our bikes.

Oh, the exercise!

Cycling errands pleasantly bestows needed exercise. Compared to the car and public transit, it’s also a very efficient way of getting around.

Ride the Rim

Getting back to once was: Biking for rehab

By Tracy L. Corral

Professional athletes of any persuasion (football, basketball, bike racing, soccer, track and field, etc.), know that working to keep their body in shape for their sport is of paramount importance. When an injury interrupts that carefully honed regimen, the result could possibly be career ending, if not worse.

Professional football player Kellen Winslow Jr. is facing just this type of crossroad in his career. Following a motorcycle accident that resulted in a very bad knee injury in 2005, and subsequent surgeries, Winslow is working toward a football comeback for the upcoming 2016-2017 NFL season. His road bike is key to this comeback

Calmar Cyclery

Women ride: Joyous ride program

By Joh Rathbun

Riding bikes was a new experience for Jessica Klodnicki when she moved to Santa Cruz a few years ago. Now the vice president and general manager of BRG Sports, (formerly Bell Helmets, Riddell, and Giro, but now under one helmet umbrella).

Recounting her situation, Klodnicki said she needed to find a low pressure introduction to mountain biking. So she went solo and undercover which led to finding a small group of women who started what is now called the Girls Rock Mountain Bike group.

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Introducing Found by Bike

Inspired by the rich diversity of California's best places to ride! Found by Bike Get get out and explore your world by bike near home or far away. Found by Bike is the official blog of Cycle California!

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