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February 2017 Cycle California!

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Shifting Gears

By Jennifer von Geldern

My 2004 aluminum-frame bike was just a couple of tiers above entry-level road bike pricing at purchase, but as that bike and I have covered thousands of miles together including several centuries and metric centuries, I've come to consider it a good friend. These days, I'm surrounded by newer bikes…carbon fiber bikes, bikes with disc brakes, bikes with electronic shifting… but I still love my bike. We're buds.

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Touring France's Royal Eden

By Rick Millikan

Our dream cycling tour in France was arranged online. This custom package included bike rentals, baggage shuttles, hotel stays with breakfasts and set-menu dinners.

Hence in May trains whisk us 110-miles from De Gaulle airport to Blois.

Blois Chateau is perched on a hill above our vintage hotel. Louis XII's equestrian sculpture decorates its entrance.

Tierra Bella

Tracking Your Fitness

By Lisa M. Wolfe

A fitness wearable can become part of your daily gear when you learn how to use this tool to motivate activity and monitor your fitness progress. This small tool is a visual representation of your desire for change and when you use it as a daily motivator, you will successfully reach your goals.

Although, like many new gadgets, fitness trackers often are worn for approximately six months and then left to collect dust on the dresser, but you can avoid this pitfall by using the tracker as a reminder of your commitment to get fit.

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News: Bike to Shakespeare

If all the world's a stage, then Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBoSC) is doing its part with a new trail that allows access to the new Santa Cruz Shakespeare venue, The Grove at Delaveaga Park. The off-road advocacy organization is working with the City of Santa Cruz to build off-road access to the venue from the Prospect Heights neighborhood. The project is expected to be completed this month, well in advance of the upcoming performance season which begins in July.

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