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2015 Best-of Survey

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November/December 2015 Cycle California!

2015 Cycle California! Gift guide

This year, the Cycle California! gift guide has a little of this and a little of that and a few stocking stuffers. Whether you're hunting for an avid cycle tourist/camper, or an over-enthusiastic recreational rider, here are some ideas for making their adventure fun and safe, into 2016 and beyond.

BE-Pro Conference January 8-9, 2016

Whirligig: Whirled touring

By Rick Millikan

During a Canadian Rockies adventure, the bicycle tour group leader invites us to feast on some epicurean leftovers. "Their support driver catered this!" my bike buddy bellows. "Let's hire a chef, who'll drive a sag wagon to carry our stuff, scout campsites, set up tents, do laundry and..."

Sans minimal support, early two-wheelers achieved daunting feats. Stuffing socks, spare shirt, raincoat (doubling as tent and bedroll) and pocket revolver in a handlebar bag, Thomas Stevens pedaled his Penny-farthing from San Francisco to New York and in 1884 became the first man to cycle around the world.

Cycle California! Jersey

Ready to ride: Wet weather is coming, Part II

  • Be prepared, just like the Scouts. Most of us know when the rain is coming, because forecasters are pretty good about predicting it. So, if you think you might get caught when it rains, wear bright or neon colors or at the very least, white or light colors; light clothing can make all the difference for you to be seen in dim or low light.
  • Equip your bike with head- and taillights, if you don't already have them. This gets back to the previous tip. Seeing and being seen is important, especially in rainy conditions.
  • Already have battery-powered lights? Be sure to check that they work and that the batteries are fresh before you get out on the road. You just don't want to be caught in low light conditions without reflectors or lights.
  • As far as clothing: layers, layers, layers! Waterproof vests and rain ponchos made of breathable materials help keep the rain sloughing off as you ride the roads. Why wear breathable gear? You will sweat regardless of the rainy conditions. Clothing with breathable materials will help you stay dry on the inside. Full-fingered gloves help keep hands warm and dry.

Get the mag Join Club CycleCA! CycleCA Deals Bike Resources The Calendar Chain links Bike Clubs About us!