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September 2015 Cycle California!

Re: Cycled Families

By Rick Millikan

Our family of riders may disagree and even feud. I do recall someone calling a guy a cheater for using a motor-assisted bike. Shocking! I honor my electrified contemporaries. It's great to see how adventures continue when legs flail and flounder on long grinds. Their motors-operandi is very comparable to those body-armored cyclists, who shuttle their heavy downhill bikes in chair lifts avoiding similar grinds. Yet don't we applaud those bodacious pedal-people, mounting their steely steeds to zip down summer ski trails? However, generally, we're a congenial lot!

I've never met a cyclist I didn't like. Among our clan, I'm acquainted with slick-shaven triathletes, hairy cyclo-crossers, harried couriers, mountain bikers and fellow commuters. Some have grown up, like me, as roadies who evolved into worldly touring cyclists.

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September A Look Ahead

We're reorganizing! With the September issue, the calendar has been divided into road biking and mountain biking sections. Each will have its own ride and race calendar. The sections of each calendar are: Weekly rides, organization meetings, fun and charity rides, and racing. The mountain bike calendar will also contain cyclocross racing.

In some cases, events have both mountain bike and road bike rides, in that case, you can find the event in both calendars. We made this change because we recognize that sometimes people are more interested in mountain bike events than road events, and they had to hunt to find them in the previous incarnation of the calendar.

This way, club rides, mountain bike and grinder events, and cyclocross events will be all together. Let us know what you think!

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News you can use

Along with reading, writing, and 'rithmetic, Bay Area children (and their families) can learn bike repair through an innovative program that helps them get back on the bike and become more confident and empowered riders. These repair clinics are free and are taught by Local Motion, whose mission is to create healthier communities by teaching people to effectively walk, bike, and take public transit.

The Local Motion crew takes its bike repair vans on the road to schools, libraries, recreation centers, and to community events around the Bay Area. The process is hands-on, so the bike owners learn how to take care of their bikes and do future repairs on their own.

Bike Resources CycleCA Deals The Calendar Chain links Bike Clubs Join Club CycleCA! Get the mag About us!