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July 2016 Cycle California!

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Heading for the hills: Mountain biking Sacramento County

By Mick Klasson

Sacramento County -- home of the state capital, part of a metropolitan area of 2.2 million people, in the heart of the Gold Country -- is a mountain biking desert, with just a couple of legal trails and a pump track or two. At Deer Creek Hills Preserve in the eastern part of the county, the Sacramento Valley Conservancy (SVC) is creating an oasis in the desert with the gentle introduction of a new way of thinking about mountain biking access. That access involves specified riding days and event staffing by motivated volunteer docents, including those from the local chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

Deer Creek Hills is no wilderness, and in the midst of fresh national controversy about whether bikes belong in designated wildernesses, that may be a good thing. Instead, the preserve is a working cattle ranch where cloven hooves have sculpted singletrack trails into the undulating landscape of blue oaks and annual grasslands. Sharp-edged slaty bedrock juts from the ground, evoking its nickname "tombstone slate."

Ride the Rim

News: Join a bike parade

Some folks celebrate July 4 with fireworks, family and friend get-togethers and backyard barbecues. Some like a good parade. On July 4, celebrate the nation's birthday and participate in San Jose's annual Rose, White, and Blue Parade. The theme of this year's event is Bicycle on The Alameda, and indeed, anyone who wants to, can join the parade on their favorite two-wheeled ride.

In keeping with the bicycling theme, this year's grand marshal is the South Bay's own Beth Heiden, former national and world champion bike racer, Olympic champion speed skater and now, United States Bicycling Hall of Fame inductee.

Calmar Cyclery

A look ahead: Challenges, ride of doom, patriot rides

Fireworks, backyard barbecues, vacations to the mountains or the ocean, what does July mean to you? Here at Cycle California! World Headquarters, July means getting out and exploring by bike. Maybe take a cruise on a beach or under a redwood canopy. Wherever you go, you can take Cycle California! with you. We're in many bike shops from Southern Oregon to Santa Barbara and Reno/Carson Valley in Nevada. To find fuel for your bike excursions, the calendar begins on page 12.

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Introducing Found by Bike

Inspired by the rich diversity of California's best places to ride! Found by Bike Get get out and explore your world by bike near home or far away. Found by Bike is the official blog of Cycle California!

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