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April issue

Great Allegany Passage: Touring Western Pennsylvania

By Grace Voss

GAP may mean blue jeans for some people. But for a high school chum Holly Williams and myself, GAP is the Great Allegany Passage, a five-day bike tour of western Pennsylvania, sponsored by the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

Along with 300 other friendly folks on mountain and hybrid bikes, we traveled 150 miles on a crushed gravel trail once belonging to the Western Maryland Railroad, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to Cumberland, Maryland.

Tahoe Trail Northstar

Sisters: The popularity of female-specific MTB rides

By Joh Rathbun

I started riding in 1995, and at the time there weren't many women pursuing such a tough sport. Sure, there were pioneers like Missy Giove, Juliana Furtado, and Jacquie Phelan of Wombats, leading the charge. But, it just seemed that there weren’t many women like me—out of shape, and new to the sport -- but not giving up. It was a man's world, baby.

Primavera Century

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