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August Cycle California!

'Gators 'n bikes: Rollin' around Ragin' Cajun Country

By Grace Voss

The Expulsion of the Acadians, starting in 1755, also known as The Great Upheaval or Le Grand Derangement, caused about 6,000 French-speaking people to be relocated by the British from Nova Scotia, first to France and then Louisiana. Since the British had conquered Nova Scotia after years of squabbling with the French over the Maritime Provinces, they demanded unconditional allegiance, something the proud French-speaking and Catholic Acadians were unwilling to give. As a result, the Acadians were deported, eventually bringing their distinct identity, heritage, language and culture to Southwestern Louisiana, creating what is referred to today as Cajun Country.

Covered Bridge Bike Classic

Is it fashion or fear?

By Tracy Corral

The web/blog site Buzzfeed recently took a look at the largest bike share programs in the country: New York, Chicago, and Boston, and mapped the gender balance of people who check out bikes through their respective bike share programs. The report’s author, Jeremy Singer-Vine, found that while more women check out bikes on weekends, they make up about a quarter of the total of all people who check out bikes.


Halo Headband

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