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November Cycle California!

Preventing bike theft: Keeping your two-wheeled friend safe

By Rick Millikan

Worried about bicycle theft? Fact #1: Across the U. S. over 200 million dollars worth of bikes is stolen annually. Fact #2: Precautions can safeguard your bicycle. Three classic movies examine this vulnerability and help us assess our cycling predicament.

Bicycle Thieves portrays a struggling family man, Antonio, in post-war Italy. While up on a ladder, thieves steal his unsecured bicycle essential for his job. We feel his loss! Searching frantically armed with the bicycle's serial number and recognizing the thieves, Antonio can't find and thus reclaim his bicycle. Desperately he tries to steal someone else's bike...showing another lapse in judgment!

Moral: Unlike Antonio, safeguard your bicycle! If stolen, it may never be recovered.

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Biking the Dark Side of the Moon

By Bo Crane

"It never got weird enough for me." --Hunter S. Thompson

There's a 35-mile road-bike loop in the mountains between Los Gatos and Santa Cruz that, as the saying goes contains riddles wrapped inside mysteries inside enigmas. Though the area is close to ultra-tech Silicon Valley, the weird and unusual are tucked amongst the blackwater creeks and deeply wooded vales as obscure as the dark side of the moon.

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